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Hey Future Homeowner! You landed here because you're ready to either purchase a

rental property as a first time homebuyer in the United States or abroad.

And you want to make sure you do it right so you're not scammed or blow all of your money right? We totally get it. Which is why we designed a safe space for you to learn everything you need to know about not just the process, or funding, but the legalities of purchasing rental properties globally as an American.

Each mini course has more than 2 hours of actionable can you can get through in a few days and rewatch while you're in the process as if you had your very own real estate coach walking with you.


Are you experiencing fatigue from...

Going to real estate webinars and leaving with barely any understanding


Trying to keep up with quick influencer information that doesn't quite add up


Watching endless hours of YouTube University and still ending up lost

Feeling so overwhelmed in the financing process you just want to give up altogether


These courses aren't for just anyone interested in real's for 

Unlock the secrets to successful homeownership and property management with our comprehensive online training program, tailored for individuals in the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa. Whether you're dreaming of buying your first home or looking to optimize your rental property investments, this training is your key to success.


Each Training Contains:

  • In-depth guidance on navigating each real estate market

  • Step-by-step process for first-time homebuyers and rental property owners

  • Legal and financial considerations specific to the country

We provide expert-led training by a seasoned global real estate investor and international business strategist. With comprehensive coverage of diverse real estate markets and actionable insights backed by real-world evidence plus over a decade of combined experience. In a flexible online format for learning at your own pace.

Ready to embark on a journey towards global homeownership mastery? Enroll in a Money Mindset Clinic's Ready, Set, Purchase!™️ Training today and empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed real estate decisions, no matter where you are in the world!

Modern Kitchen

Side effects may include...

Purchasing your first  

international  rental property!


Purchasing your first  

U.S. rental property!

So what exactly is covered in each course?

Your Consumer Rights: Understanding the legal framework and consumer protections specific to each region, ensuring that buyers are well-versed in their rights during property transactions.


Preparing Your Finances: Comprehensive guidance on preparing your financial portfolio, including credit checks, savings strategies, and understanding the financial requirements for homeownership in different global markets.


Getting Approved: Navigating the approval process for mortgages or financing, considering the unique criteria and documentation required by lenders in the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa.


Building Your Team: Insight into assembling a reliable team of real estate professionals, such as agents, attorneys, and financial advisors, tailored to the specific nuances of each market.


Shopping: Tips on effective property search strategies, considering factors like market trends, location preferences, and cultural considerations in the diverse real estate landscapes


Making an Offer: A step-by-step guide on crafting and presenting offers, negotiating terms, and understanding cultural nuances that may impact the negotiation process in different regions.


Ordering an Inspection: The importance of property inspections, understanding local inspection standards, and ensuring buyers are equipped to identify potential issues in a property.


Negotiating: Techniques for successful negotiations, taking into account cultural differences and negotiation norms in the varied real estate markets.


Ordering an Appraisal: Explaining the appraisal process, understanding the role of appraisals in different regions, and ensuring fair valuation of the property.


Closing Day & After: A comprehensive overview of the closing process, post-closing responsibilities, and potential challenges that may arise after acquiring a property.

These courses aim to empower you with region-specific knowledge, ensuring a well-informed and successful homeownership journey across diverse global markets.


If you're looking to become more confident in your homeownership or rental income journey with access to the information and supportive professionals we want to join your village. These mini courses were recorded live. You are getting access to the replays in a 'go at your own pace' format.


Meet Your Rental Income Doctor™️


Queen didn't have the easiest start in life. Growing up in the public assistance system, she was never taught about finances. Her first credit card from Citibank at 18 was maxed out by the summer, setting her on a path of financial struggle that only worsened when she found herself $50K in debt four years later. But she refused to let these obstacles define her.

Drawing on her Bachelor's degree in psychology, mental health diagnosis, and financial research, she worked tirelessly to clear her debt within just 2.5 years. This was just the beginning of a remarkable journey that has seen her achieve incredible success in the world of international real estate investment. Not only did she purchase her first U.S. home at just 26 years old she also purchased a property in Kenya to begin her international short term rental business.


Since then has since helped countless others achieve their own Major Money Goals™️, from paying down debt to buying their own properties overseas.

Her philosophy is that it's not just about the money, but also about mindset. This is what sets her apart from others in the industry. She understands that success in any field, especially real estate investment, requires not just financial knowledge and acumen, but also the right mindset. It's about having the courage to take risks, the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, and the clarity of vision to see opportunities where others only see obstacles.

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