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We Increase Financial Wellness by
Sharing the Wealth Mindset

The Queen BluePrint®️ Financial Clinic founded by Queen is a safe space for individuals to get their finances back on track and receive support from financial professionals who not only practice what they preach but teach it as well. Clients feel  safe and secure as they back on their feet after a turbulent financial transition or even bounce back after a rough spender binge.

Members improve their financial health by repairing their relationship with money, eliminating bad debt, and strategically planning their generation wealth strategy. Before anyone can even think of investing, purchasing real estate, buying a car they have to understand the fundamentals of finance and have strong financial foundation to build upon.

We're here to make the first step towards financial freedom and generational wealth easier by guiding your footsteps as we've done for countless others through out the years

Queen believes it's important to provide youth with financial literacy and business experience as soon as possible! She states that if she had been exposed to it she might have been able to avoid a lot of financial pitfall and progress much faster in her entrepreneurial journey. So this internship is geared towards providing a combination of personal financial literacy and business building experience.


Interns have access to the following while in the program:

  • All of our Financial Wellness Webinars

  • Free entry into our local events

  • Discount code for themselves, friends, & family

  • Exclusive member only financial community 

  • Budgeting & credit education and empowerment LIVEs

During enrichment hours college interns are paired with one of our CEO clients to shadow and provide support. Interns are expected to have created a business plan and taken one other action towards starting their very own business or utilizing the resources provided to them to take three actions to improve their overall personal finances/reach their goals


College Interns (Receive College Credit)

Spring Recruitment Opens JANUARY

Spring Semester FEBRUARY-MAY


Fall Recruitment Opens JULY


Bring the Queen BluePrint®️ Financial Clinic to YOUR SCHOOL or COMMUNITY PROGRAM by emailing or calling (877) 387-2583. We'll walk you through how to get approved for college credit or fill out the paperwork to become a vendor with your program


Financial Goals

Interns will receive a digital Financial BluePrint and action plan to begin working on their financial goals. At the end of the semester, interns are expected to complete their final project in accordance with their respective schools

Financial Report

Financial Skills

Interns will learn how to create a Financial BluePrint and conduct an intake session by shadowing our professionals in the area of their interest. We have access to professionals in every area of personal & business finance

Woman with Laptop

Financial Literacy

Interns have the opportunity to attend all masterclasses and events pending it does not conflict with their school or job schedule. Interns will be able to learn how to build their personal financial foundation in order to create, build & maintain generational wealth

Available Positions

Interns will not only have access to financial professionals and financial literacy but build viable skills to utilize in their own business or to excel in their corporate career

Administrative Assistant (Exec)
  • Setting up meetings for the CEO

  • Scheduling Events

  • Preparing Documents & Reports

  • Processing Incoming & Outgoing Mail

  • Taking notes in client sessions

  • Monitoring all other interns

  • Working on special projects with CEO

  • Creating lead capture forms 

Digital Marketer (PR)
  • Networking – in person!

  • Writing tips & how-to articles to share with prospects or customers

  • Researching affiliate programs

  • Writing proposals

  • Commenting on articles or blog posts online

  • Documenting online media placements

  • Following up with people product samples were sent to

  • Pitching bloggers to review a product

  • Writing press releases

  • Submitting press releases thru online wire services

  • Searching forums for influencers

  • Reviewing forums for consumer feedback

Digital Marketer (Content)
  • Analyzing Google Analytics

  • Measuring search engine optimization results

  • Performing competitor keyword analysis

  • Review social media metrics, like Facebook Insights

  • Running reports to track growth, response or ROI

  • Writing sales follow up copy

  • Writing sales scripts

  • Using lead scoring for prospects

  • Book Content Photoshoots

Administrative Assistant (Support)
  • Answering phones, emails & web chat

  • Handeling Reception

  • Organizing & Updating Files

  • Scheduling Appointments

  • Entering Data

  • Ordering Supplies

  • Processing Incoming & Outgoing Mail

  • Creating & distributing email newsletter

Social Media Management
  • Developing editorial calendar for content sharing

  • Updating Social Media Pages

  •  Answering questions in the inbox

  • Bookmarking blog content on social bookmarking sites

  • Designing cover images for social profiles

  • Developing social media marketing plans

  • Interacting with consumers via social media

  • Scheduling social media status updates and posts to be published

  • Responding to questions on Quora

  • Monitoring competitors’ social media updates

  • Developing demonstrations or tutorials

Film/Production Assistant
  • Developing video content

  • Hiring a vendor to develop video content

  • Writing video scripts

  • Develop keyword lists for tagging videos

  • Writing video descriptions

  • Publishing video to YouTube

  • Publishing video to company website

  • Onsite for all TV Show production and assisting with filming

  • Assisting with guests

What Previous Interns Say


Bianca Dommond
Spring 2021

Working with Queen was a nice experience. I was able to sharpen essential professional skills and grow as an individual. Being that my Major is Biology I didn’t know much about finance, but through this internship I was able to learn. Queen was patient and willing to explain anything I didn’t understand and even gave me personal financial advice. Queen was also very accommodating whenever I needed extra time to study or finish assignments. We both agreed that school was my 1st priority. Through this internship my time management skills were sharpened. Having to balance school work and completing task for Queen I learned how to meet deadlines and multitask. These are skills that I am still using today. I would highly recommend interning with Queen because she is very knowledgeable and has a wide variety of resources and connections that can help you grow.


Cynithia George
Spring 2022

During my time at Queen BluePrint, I reinforced my ability to keep on top of my tasks and manage my time effectively. The past three months thought me how to interact with clients whether it was having to think on my feet, set up appointments, send reminders, or make calls. I reinforced my research skills and learned how to organize research data in a clear and concise manner. With John's guidance I helped create a business plan, and a business canvas. Overall it was an experience with a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Most of all my internship granted me experience in the financial field. Lastly, I am thankful for everyone I met during my time here, they were always kind and we all worked very hard to complete our tasks.

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