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The Queen BluePrint®️ Financial Clinic founded by Queen is a safe space for families to get their finances back on track and receive support from financial professionals who not only practice what they preach but teach it as well. Clients feel  safe and secure as they back on their feet after a turbulent financial transition or even bounce back after a rough spender binge

There are 3 phases of Money Management and depending on where you are in your financial planning the process to achieve your financial goals will look different

1. CRISIS: You’re in debt, have bad credit, poor mindset, bad spending habits and limited to no cashflow. At this point you need t

2. GROWTH: You’re debt free, have good credit, rich mindset, good spending habits, and a hustle cash flow

3. WEALTH: You’re investing, have excellent credit, wealth mindset, great spending habits and a passive cash flow

Book online it's safe & secure! A Financial Physician will diagnose your finances and prescribe a solution

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"Don't Let Your Pockets Be Your Financial Guide™️"

We have to understand that Money Management is NOT one size fits all and is far beyond budgeting! I’m here to assist you along your financial journey with realizing the Queen BluePrint's®️ 4 R's of Money Management©️

Repair: Your financial situation has a lot more to do with your mindset than it actually has to do with your cashflow. It's time to repair your relationship with money so that your finances can improve

Rehab: Healthy spending includes enforcing reasonable financial decision making. The more you know about HOW to purchase your major money goals the easier it will be to position your finances

Restore: Often times we're not taught about the basics of personal finances as child or even as an adolescent growing up. You'll need to restore your financial foundation by actively learning about money

Resilient: Generational wealth is a phenomena that occurs after successfully passing down the wealth mindset to the 3rd generation and beyond. We teach you how to build resilient wealth, meaning it can withstand any boundary or issue that may come