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We're all about financially empowering Millennial homebuyers! We truly believe that real estate is still the ultimate path to building wealth, including that invaluable generational kind. And guess what? We've got the stats to back it up - a solid 38% of Millennial homebuyers are on the same page, according to NAREB.


Now, let's talk barriers. We've identified three big ones: mindset, money, and knowledge. Buying a home isn't just crunching numbers; it's an emotional rollercoaster. It requires sacrifice, discipline, some serious soul-searching, and, of course, financial savvy. Your clients need to be ready in every sense - mentally, emotionally, and financially - whether they're eyeing a rental property or their dream home.

Our workshops? They're all about the money talk. We're here to whip your clients into shape for that all-important mortgage approval. We'll walk them through credit strategies, budgeting tricks, and the tax maze of homeownership. Think of us as the secret sauce to complement your existing first-time homebuyer programs, arming your agents with a pipeline of savvy Millennial leads.

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So what exactly is included in our
Real Estate Agent Recovery™️?

Four Financially Focused Homebuyer Workshops:

  • Covering credit, budgeting, and taxes

  • Limited to 25 buyers per workshop

  • Delivered in person with virtual attendee capability


  • Physical Workbooks provided to every in person attendee (shipped to location)

  • Digital Fillable Workbooks provided to every virtual attendee

  • Packed with worksheets and guides for credit, budgeting and taxes

Customized Evaluations:

  • Complimentary Wallet Wellness Exam™️ for workshop attendees

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Millennials Want to Hear from Other Millennials!


I became an international real estate investor in the Motherland at 30 years old.

Growing up in the public assistance system my family never taught me about finances. My troubles with managing money began with my very first credit card from Citibank at 18 that I received before heading off to college and was maxed the entire $2K by the summer. 

Fortunately, I was eventually able to pay it off and repair the relationship with Citi. 4 years later I found myself in even deeper debt, $50K to be exact. I hadn't noticed how the impact my recent break up and the financial


arguments with my family were having on my impulse to spend money.

I used my Bachelors in psychology, personal mental health diagnosis, and financial research along with trial and error to clear my debt in 2.5 years. Not only that but 6 months after paying off the last $20K I purchased my first home at the age of 26.

Since then I've sold that condo purchased land on the coast of Kenya and have built a 4 bedroom duplex short term rental.

And I want to help you build true generational wealth via real estate!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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