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Wellness Exam™️

Hey there! At Money Mindset Clinic™️, we’re all about making financial planning stress-free and totally tailored to your life. That’s why we’ve crafted the Wallet Wellness Exam. It’s a unique blend of convenience and personalized expertise—fill out your details at your own pace and let our Financial Physicians handle the rest.

Unlock Your Personal Path to Financial Wellness

Our Wallet Wellness Exam offers the best of both worlds. Start by entering your financial information through our secure, easy-to-use online form—no rush, no pressure. Then, our expert Financial Physicians take over. They analyze your details to create a Financial Treatment Plan just for you, which you can access through a secure folder on our website. It’s detailed, personal, and you don’t have to schedule a single meeting.


Credit Analysis

Before you start looking for that dream home, let’s talk credit. It’s more than just a score—it’s your ticket to better mortgage deals. With a solid credit history, you can snag lower interest rates and smaller monthly payments. Our Wallet Wellness Exam makes sure your credit is in tip-top shape, so you’re all set for smoother sailing on your homeownership journey


Budget Breakdown

Think of budgeting as your financial health check-up before diving into homeownership. By mapping out your finances, you get to see the big picture—how much you can really afford for a mortgage without stretching yourself too thin. It sets the stage for realistic goals and comfortable living. With our Wallet Wellness Exam, we help you lay down this crucial foundation, making sure your dream home fits perfectly with your financial reality


Tax Tune Up

Getting your taxes in order is a smart step before hunting for a new home. When you file, you give lenders a clear picture of what you earn and show that you’re on top of your finances. This proof of income is crucial—it helps determine how much you can borrow and boosts your credibility as a borrower. Our Wallet Wellness Exam ensures your tax affairs are neatly lined up to enhance your chances of landing a great mortgage deal


Our Financial Physicians are real people who care about your financial well-being. No bots, no generic advice. Your financial journey is unique. Our approach is flexible, adapting to your specific circumstances. Backed by a team of homeownership financial therapists and global real estate investors, our advice is grounded in solid, real-world experience.

You'll get resources that simplify your money management, helping you become more financially savvy as well as walk away with a clear plan of what to do next, ready to take control of your financial destiny!

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