About Queen

Queen is a Financial Psychologist and serial entrepreneur. In 2015 Queen found herself in 50K debt. During her debt payoff journey, she realized a lot of her spending was due to emotional triggers. She used her knowledge of psychology, mental health diagnosis, financial research along with trial and error to clear her debt. Not only that but within the same year of paying off the rest of her debt, she also established her first business the Queen BluePrint®️ Money Mindset Clinic and purchased her first home at 26.


Her mission is to help diverse low income communities switch to a wealth mindset through financial literacy, financial planning, and financial therapy. She's assisted over 200 clients achieve financial stability, facilitated over 100 workshops & masterclasses as well as spoken/hosted multiple events in-person & virtually.

Education and Certifications

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BA of Psychology 2014

Queen studied at Union College and Brooklyn College (CUNY) from 2010-2014. She utilizes her degree in psychology combined with her concentration in children and youth studies to apply critical techniques in adjusting her clients money mindset, behaviors, and working through financial trauma

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Mortgage Loan Officer (Pending 2022)

Queen is currently studying to become a mortgage loan officer in order to understand the process and boundaries that her clients may face during their home buying journey from a lender prospective

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Certified Financial Therapist (Pending 2022)

Queen is currently working towards becoming a certified financial therapist in an effort to provide insurance payment opportunities to low income families who may not be able to afford financial therapy

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Queen's Specializations

"The Key to Generational Health is Optimal Financial Health"™️

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5 Figure Debt Payoff

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Major Money Goals™️

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Emotional Spending

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Financial Trauma

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Money Hoarding

The Lives Queen Has Transformed

"I was never taught money management, I have worked since I was 11 years old and have one of the strongest work ethics of anyone I know, THAT, I’m so grateful to have learned from my parents. In turn, I was modeled the behavior of “living in the now” and frivolous spending. No saving. Unfortunately I witnessed my parents go from the top to underwater really fast in my high school years, we had to sell our house (the house I dreamed of being married in the back yard along the waterfront) and I was told a week before I was leaving for college, that I would need to figure out how to pay for that myself, so I never left, went to community college and took out loans and opened a credit card. That’s where my personal bad patterns began. I’m in my 40’s, still having a killer work ethic and making great money and not much to show for it. The universe led me to Queen, I joke because when I found her I was probably not going to be a typical client. I just needed her for the therapy or so I thought. I wanted someone I could talk to, no judgement, confide in, and help guide me. Queen changed my mindset, and fast. I still hear her voice when I’m about to make a purchase. I have paid off 30k in debt in under a year, paid off one of my cars, seen my credit score higher than ever and even put an offer on my first house! I didn’t get that house, the timing wasn’t ideal anyway, but I feel much more in control, I don’t have anxiety about money, the thought of paying bills actually excites me now. It’s surreal to even write those words after decades of dreading that process. I’m beyond excited to see where this next year takes me as I know I will be debt free, and on my way to new wise investments. The best gift I have gotten, is the power of knowledge so that I can now teach my daughter healthy spending, and set her up for a life of reward. Queen is the best!"


Queen's Philosophy

We have to understand that Money Management is NOT one size fits all and is far beyond budgeting! I’m here to assist you along your financial journey with realizing the Queen BluePrint's®️ 4 R's of Money Management©️

Repair: Your financial situation has a lot more to do with your mindset than it actually has to do with your cashflow. It's time to repair your relationship with money so that your finances can improve

Rehab: Healthy spending includes enforcing reasonable financial decision making. The more you know about HOW to purchase your major money goals the easier it will be to position your finances

Restore: Often times we are not taught about the basics of personal finances as child or even as an adolescent growing up. You'll need to restore your financial foundation by actively learning about money

Resilient: Generational wealth is a phenomena that occurs after successfully passing down the wealth mindset to the 3rd generation and beyond. We teach you how to build resilient wealth, meaning it can withstand any boundary or issue that may come