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LIVE Sessions from JUN 10-14, 2025

What is It?

5 days of free, live training all about how to earn rental income while owning your home even if you don't want to be a landlord or have random people sleeping in your bed

Who's it For?

You're a homeowner, landlord, or real estate business owner who's been thinking about selling your property in order to purchase one in the U.S. or internationally

When is It?

January 4-8, 2023

Join us in our exclusive community or virtual conference room for 5 days of free, live training on the 4 ways to generate rental income

Learn from the
Queen BluePrint®️

"Here's what I wish I knew before selling my U.S. home to purchase real estate in Kenya"


During this free challenge you'll learn

How to Determine Which Rental Strategy works Best for You

How to Leverage Your U.S.

Property to Go Global

How to Buy Your First International Property



Why Not Just Sell?

  • Renting out your property gives you a steady flow of money instead. That means you'll keep getting income regularly, which can help you pay your bills or invest in other cool stuff

  • Expenses like property taxes, mortgage interest, repairs, and even some depreciation can be subtracted from what you owe in taxes. It's like getting a little tax break

  • As time goes by, the property's value could go up, and you get to enjoy the benefits of that increase

  • You know how it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket? Well, having a rental property can help with that! By spreading your investments across different things, like stocks and rental income, you're not relying too much on just one thing

Contrary to popular belief wealth via real estate is not built from selling; it's built from holding onto the property, putting it to work and passing it down




Queen didn't have the easiest start in life. Growing up in the public assistance system, she was never taught about finances. Her first credit card from Citibank at 18 was maxed out by the summer, setting her on a path of financial struggle that only worsened when she found herself $50K in debt four years later. But she refused to let these obstacles define her.

Drawing on her Bachelor's degree in psychology, mental health diagnosis, and financial research, she worked tirelessly to clear her debt within just 2.5 years. This was just the beginning of a remarkable journey that has seen her achieve incredible success in the world of international real estate investment. Not only did she purchase her first U.S. home at just 26 years old she also purchased a property in Kenya to begin her international short term rental business.


Since then has since helped countless others achieve their own Major Money Goals™️, from paying down debt to buying their own properties overseas.

Her philosophy is that it's not just about the money, but also about mindset. This is what sets her apart from others in the industry. She understands that success in any field, especially real estate investment, requires not just financial knowledge and acumen, but also the right mindset. It's about having the courage to take risks, the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, and the clarity of vision to see opportunities where others only see obstacles.



After one of our trainings was able to purchase her first home in 2020 and make income on AirBNB



Is going to purchase a multi unit in Bronx NY at the end of 2023 as a full time entrepreneur, wife & mother



Is currently in the middle of leveraging her 2 U.S. rental properties to purchase a 3 bed 3 bath in Kenya


You want a step-by-step guide

You need inspiration and motivation

You want the best rental income strategy for your pockets and your personality

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