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Jan 27-31, 2024 Starts at 7pm EST


Are you experiencing fatigue from...

Going to homebuyer workshops and leaving absolutely confused


Trying to keep up with quick influencer information that doesn't quite add up


Watching endless hours of YouTube University and still ending up lost

Feeling so overwhelmed in the financial preparation of home buying you just want to give up altogether


Homebuyer Financial Bootcamp #firsttimebuyers #realestate #millennials
Are taxes holding you back from homeownership? #firsttimebuyers #realestate #millennials
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This Bootcamp isn't for any first time's for

If you've been searching for something or someone to show you how to properly prepare your finances to buy your first home purchase or rental income property as your FIRST home, this Bootcamp has your back.

You'll learn how the Queen BluePrint was able to pay off $50K in debt while building and maintaining an 808 FICO score and purchasing her first property 6 months later

Because YOU know that the real estate market has shifted and the American Dream is moving further and further away. The solution? BUY THE RENTAL PROPERTY FIRST then use that property to pay for your primary home!

Modern Kitchen

Side effects from this Bootcamp may include...

Purchasing your rental  income property FIRST!

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Becoming debt free so you can qualify a mortgage