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The Key to Generational Wealth is Optimal Financial Health™️

Homeownership Counseling & Financial Consulting for
BIPOC Millennials by BIPOC Millennials
Find like minded individuals on the same journey as you


A supportive group specifically for First Time Homebuyers purchasing rental properties to chat and share resources

A supportive group specifically for International Investors buying international property to chat and share resources

A supportive group specifically for Inherited Property Owners converting or buying rentals and share resources



Credit Management With our DIY Credit Repair you're provided the power of our software to improve your credit. It's easy to follow and you can decide whether you want to mail the letters yourself or allow the software to that as well

Money Management Create and stick to a budget that works for you. Our user-friendly budgeting tools make it easy to allocate your income to different categories, helping you achieve your financial goals faster.

Tax Prep & Strategy With our chat-based intake process, you'll provide essential information, answer key questions, and upload necessary documents all within our user-friendly chat interface. No more paperwork or complicated forms to fill out!


Queen also hosts Monthly LIVE Virtual Q&A's for private clients and members
with an interactive attendee chat on the app

Ready to repair your relationship with money? Tap in one of our trained Money Mindset Counselors

Need accountability? Get started with our trained Accountability Aids


Scan the QR code to get an invite link.


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