About RoseAllure

Hey you! My name is RoseAllure Louis and my mission is the build a tribe of 1,000 strong with good credit. Also known as The Credit Goddess, I am a renowned Credit Strategist, Wealth Coach, certified in Credit Consultant with the Credit Consultant Association. I am based in the heart of South Florida. For nearly a decade now, I have gained in-depth experience in the finance and business space.


As a Certified Credit Consultant, I assists my clients in budgeting their finances, starting lucrative businesses, investing in real estate, preparing for retirement, and more. I’m a advocate for change and I love what I do.

Today, I serve as the Owner & CEO of Budget Credit 360, where my team and I assists valued clients in creating financial prosperity in their lives through various tried-and-true, results-driven programs and techniques. I am well-versed in virtually all areas of the industry, from budgeting finances and launching a business, to investing in real estate and preparing for retirement.


Above all, I adept in streamlining Interest Rates for my clients, to ensure it’s simple to grasp.

In addition to my thriving business, I’ve recently established a collective of up-and-coming real estate investors that build credit in order to increase capital to fully fund their investments to purchase, remodel, and sell for profit.

Education and Certifications

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BA in Psychology 2004

RoseAllure utilizes her degree in psychology from Florida Memorial to explain to clients how credit is like having a relationship with the banks

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Credit Consultants Association Certification 2018

Credit Consultants Association is dedicated to providing credentials and creating a professional environment in the field of credit services

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Business Credit Certification 2022

Credit Consultants Association is dedicated to providing credentials and creating a professional environment in the field of credit services


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Rose's Specializations

"It's all about building bank relationships"

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Personal Credit Repair

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Business Credit

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Personal Credit Building

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Business Funding

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Credit Leveraging

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Investor Funding

Personal & Business Clients Rose has Helped

Budget Credit was very patient in working with me. My credit was not in the best shape but Rose, the credit strategist was very knowledgeable and assured me that as long as I followed direction as she coached me through rebuilding my credit, my scores jumped from a 498 to 678 in 5 months!! I was able to be approved for a home loan.

She also helped my brother's credit. He was denied the home loan he was pre-approved for at closing because of 1 late payment. She was able to work her magic and within the month his score went from a 659 to 712. I learned then that it is very important to pay your bills on time. Thank you so much for educating us in the process Rose. Greatly appreciate it!

I recommend Budget Credit 360 to all my friends and family!

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Rose's Philosophy

We are here to assist you with getting the things you want in life. Navigating the credit repair maze can be very challenging if you are not aware of all of the laws that regulate collectors, creditors, and credit bureaus.