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Hey Future or Current Rental Owner!


Managing rental properties—whether it’s a personal investment or part of your business portfolio—can be as rewarding as it is challenging.


At the Income Care Unit™️, we specialize in transforming your rental management from a chore into a major source of income and pride.


Our team of rental revenue experts is here to provide you with top-notch strategies and support, whether you’re renting out your first condo or managing a diverse portfolio of business properties.


Are you experiencing...

Worry About Vacancies? We optimize your rental strategy to keep your properties occupied and your income flowing

Trouble with Maintenance Costs? Our preventive maintenance plans save you money in the long run and keep tenants/guests satisfied


Struggling with Out-of-Pocket Rental Expenses? Let us help you prepare financially to qualify for loans or credit cards specifically designed for rental property expenses, ensuring you can manage your investments smoothly without dipping into personal funds


Concern About Financial Uncertainties? We provide strategic reserve fund management to safeguard your investment against fluctuations and ensure a steady income stream


Rental Revenue Maximization

    •    Harness our market analysis expertise to set competitive rental rates that maximize your income without sacrificing occupancy
   •    Implement strategic approaches like seasonal adjustments and targeted marketing to boost your rental income

Credit Management for Property Owners

    •    Strengthen your credit profile to support future property investments and improve financing terms
   •    Learn how to effectively use credit facilities to manage cash flow and enhance your investment’s profitability

Rental Budgeting and Financial Planning

    •    We help you create and maintain detailed budgets for your rental properties, ensuring all expenses and revenues are meticulously tracked
   •    Optimize the flow of funds to ensure you have the financial flexibility to handle maintenance, upgrades, and unexpected expenses

Tax Preparation and Strategy

    •   Get professional assistance with your rental and real estate business tax returns to maximize deductions and minimize liabilities
   •    Engage in year-round tax strategies that keep you ahead of the game, reducing tax burdens and improving your financial outcomes

Modern Kitchen

Side effects may include...


Why Choose the Income Care Unit™️?

  • Our specialized knowledge in both personal and business property financial management sets us apart

  • Every strategy we develop is tailored to maximize your specific property’s potential

  • From day-to-day management to strategic advice, we’re here to handle it all

We're not only here to help you prepare for the homebuying process, we're also here to support you through the entire buying process and even after you've acquired your property!

This is YOUR VILLAGE! We're here for you FOR LIFE!


If you're looking to become more confident in your homeownership  journey with access to the information and supportive professionals we want you to join your village. You no longer have to "figure it out on your own", have multiple financial subscriptions, or search endlessly for financial professionals that get it and speak your language

*Need a consultation first? All consultations within 30 days of signing up are deducted from the set up fee


    Code Blue

    Every month
    +$288 Wallet Wellness Exam + Workbook
    Best for Rental Owners or Business & Personal Combo
    • Personal Money Management Portal
    • Personal Credit Management Portal
    • Personal Tax Preparation INCLUDED
    • Business Cashflow Management Portal
    • Business Credit Management Account
    • LLC Tax Preparation INCLUDED
    • eLearning Portals
    • 1:1 Financial Check Up (120 minutes)

Plan holders agree to autopay by subscribing. NO REFUNDS. Cancel anytime prior to next cycle.

Meet Your Financial Physician


Queen didn't have the easiest start in life. Growing up in the public assistance system, she was never taught about finances. Her first credit card from Citibank at 18 was maxed out by the summer, setting her on a path of financial struggle that only worsened when she found herself $50K in debt four years later. But she refused to let these obstacles define her.

Drawing on her Bachelor's degree in psychology, mental health diagnosis, and financial research, she worked tirelessly to clear her debt within just 2.5 years. This was just the beginning of a remarkable journey that has seen her achieve incredible success in the world of international real estate investment. Not only did she purchase her first U.S. home at just 26 years old she also purchased a property in Kenya to begin her international short term rental business.


Since then has since helped countless others achieve their own Major Money Goals™️, from paying down debt to buying their own properties overseas.

Her philosophy is that it's not just about the money, but also about mindset. This is what sets her apart from others in the industry. She understands that success in any field, especially real estate investment, requires not just financial knowledge and acumen, but also the right mindset. It's about having the courage to take risks, the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, and the clarity of vision to see opportunities where others only see obstacles.

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